Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peaches, Apricots or Nectarines? O My!

I recently found myself in a grocery store standing in the produce aisle completely confused. Before my eyes was a huge mound of fruit. The fruit was labeled with a price, but no indication of its name. It looked like a miniature peach. I picked up the fruit, smelled it, and even asked my grocery shopping partner, "Is this an apricot or a nectarine?" With both of us second guessing our answers regarding the identity of this mystery fruit, we picked out two of them, put them in a bag and brought them home.

I think that all of us know what a peach looks like, but when it comes to the difference between apricots and nectarines it becomes, well, hairy.

To reveal the answer without being too technical, peaches and apricots have a skin that is "fuzzy" while nectarines have a skin that is smooth. My mystery fruit turned out to be an apricot. When an apricot is sliced in half a pit, or seed is revealed that is also very similar to a peach.

Once you've halved this nectarine a delicious snack or dessert is waiting for you! I encourage you to eat the fruit by itself or combine it with something light and sweet that will compliment its tart flavor. I suggest vanilla flavored yogurt or ice cream.
***Pictured above is a peach and two apricots. Pictured below is a bowl of vanilla yogurt and diced apricots.

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